Waterless Cooking with BergHOFF PRoducts

Heat the BergHOFF Pan


A. Preheat the pan on MEDIUM heat and sprinkle a bit of water in the pan. When the water starts to “dance” you are ready to start cooking on MEDIUM heat. Place the lid on the pan watch for the first little bit of steam to escape from the lid (35 – 40 temperature reading on lid gauge)


B. Lower the heat to LOW or SIMMER to obtain the water vapor seal C. Finish cooking on LOW or SIMMER and shorten cooking time by 20% less than your normal cooking time. (60 – 85 temperature reading on lid gauge, around 60 for vegetables and around 80 for meats)




The basic rules are simple.


1. Always Use The Right Pan. Select the utensil the food will most nearly fill as air pockets created by using pans too large for the food quantity will destroy vitamins, dry out foods and possibly burn and damage your pan. Never use more than ⅔ of the pan capacity.


2. Rinse Prepared Foods and Vegetables. Rinsing in cold water is important for 2 reasons. Removing harmful chemicals from your food and allowing enough water to cling to foods thereby mixing with the natural juices; this will help start the waterless nutritional cooking process. Until you get used to this new cooking method you may used a few extra tablespoons of water.


3. Control the Heat. Start with a cold pot. Always control the heat throughout the cooking process. If the heat is too high, the steam will evaporate and destroy your foods, possible damaging your cookware. When using waterless cookware; the heat is never higher than MEDIUM.


4. Create a Vapor Seal. In the beginning, start the cooking process on medium heat. When the slightest puff of steam escapes from the sides of the lid, LOWER THE HEAT to low or simmer. After you lower the heat, start counting your cooking time. The lid now has formed a natural seal with the pot due to the water beads formed from the water vapor between the lip of the pot and the lid. The Vapor Seal will form in approximately 3 minutes for watery foods whereas more solid foods, like carrots and potatoes, will take about 5 minutes for the Vapor Seal to form after turning down the heat. Start in the beginning with 3-5 tablespoons of water.


5. Don’t Peek. Resist that urge to peek! Every time the cover is removed during the cooking process, heat and steam are allowed to escape. This lengthens the cooking time and could dry out the food. If you need to peek add a few extra tablespoons of water.


6. Be Specific. If your recipe calls for 10 minutes of cooking time, don’t start looking after only 5 minutes. Wait for the allotted cooking time and then check your food. You will be delighted at how easy it is to cook with your BergHOFF Waterless Cookware. Note: It should be obvious that foods that do not contain water (dry peas, beans, rice, pasta, etc.) cannot be cooked without water.




Fat was initially used to prevent foods from burning. With BergHOFF cookware this is no longer needed; saving you time AND money.


1. Control the Heat. Place the pot on medium high for 90 seconds. Check the temperature by dripping a few drops of water in the bottom of the pot. If the water droplets start rolling in the bottom of the cookware you are ready to start.


2. Push the Meat. For chicken breast, put the breast into the hot pan and push with a fork for searing. Do not add salt. After searing cover the pan for at least 3 minutes as this will lift the food from the bottom and clean up will be a snap.


3. Lower the Heat. After searing it will be necessary to lower the heat to a setting usually between low and medium. Cooking times are generally reduced about 20-30% of normal recipes in regular cookware.


4. General Times. ? Chicken breast will take approximately 10 minutes after the cover is placed on the pan. ? A roast, roast beef or thick steaks, the searing will take about 10-15 minutes, then cover and cook according to the recipe. ? Vegetables can be added when you are ready to place the cover on the pot. This will make for a wonderful roast – not in 3 hours, but ready in less than ½ the time.


Tip: For larger meats you can use the double boiler upside down as a lid. It can be removed with the supplied magnetic knob so you are able to check your food.